RGB vs CMYK (or, digital vs print graphic design)

RGB is optimized for computer/digital displays. CMYK is the optimal color profile for printing flyers, business cards, brochures or any other product in the physical world.

It’s okay to create your graphics using the RGB color profile- they generate smaller file sizes and, therefore, are easier to work with, take up less space on your hard drive and are less of a burden on your processor. You can use these images for e-mail blasts and place them anywhere in the world wide web.

It is important that you don’t go back and forth between the RGB and CMYK because there are pixelation changes each time, and you will begin to see a loss in quality, so when you’re ready to send them to us- the printer- convert them to CMYK and proof your work to make sure it is the exact shade you’ve envisioned.

The bottom line is that RGB vs CMYK is really Digital vs Print. Remember – RGB is for digital and CMYK is for print, and you will be well on your way to creating professional, color-rich graphics for all of your varying projects.

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