1982 at Art Basel 2010

Wow! We are humbled and inspired by our days at the Multiversal Group Show, and our time stumbling through the world of Art Basel.

[nggallery id=4]

Big thanks and love (for your support and/or resources) to
Lisa, the ComaGirl (and our featured artist)
Kazilla and her Multiversal Crewe
Kristina, the cool anthropologist (and inspirational helper extraordinaire)
Gianna, entrepreneur enthusiast
Sopheye, emcee and shout-outer
Awesome Dina, bass lover and treat maker
and, of course, Art Basel

Big thanks for reaching out and connecting- let’ make things happen!
Rivet Art Gallery
Alley Times
Evelyn Paniagua
Crayon Clan
Music Joining Apparel
Rotomo Animation
Nulight Studio
The Injustice Society of Terrible and Horrific Art
Dezign Nation
Y.R. Public Relations
Innovative Arts by Tracy Ann
Ben Hamburger Art
Irene Kravitz
ADBC Design
305 Green
Elizabeth Renfrow Photography Services
Life is Art
Gigabeat Music

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